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    Buzz Grocery is the best online grocery shopping with an innovative B2C e-commerce market place grocery delivery website/mobile app. We primarily focus on delivering instant groceries to households, restaurants and provide an opportunity to earn free groceries every month. We also focuses on building long term relationships with our clients through our innovative Customer Satisfaction and Retention (CSR) programs and by providing optimum level of services. We provides a very good opportunity for our customers where they can get the groceries for free by referring their friends and family members to use and purchase from our app/website and we also provide an opportunity for the customers to purchase the products from their favourite store just by uploading the image of their product list through the website/app. As the world is shifting bit by bit towards digitalization and globalization it is becoming essential for every business and customer to establish their presence in the online. Our mission is to support the wholesalers/retailers to make their presence in the online and to increase their customer base by providing services outside their locality. Our mission is also to support our customers, to keep them away from the traffic jams, fatigue in grocery purchase and get instant delivery of groceries by choosing the nearest stores for delivery. Our vision is to bring all small and medium businesses online to grow in the global market and also to give free groceries for our customers who refers the purchasing family members, friends to build a large virtual contributing family.

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